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The Zoe Project

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The Zoe Project in Lima, Peru

The Zoe Project is based in 2 shanty towns in Lima, Peru. 22 ladies and 1 man work to produce the beautiful best-selling bangles on our site.

This fair trade employment gives them the opportunity to educate their children, pay for medical treatments and maintain their homes. It also offers them the flexibility to set up workshops at home so they don't have to leave their children and travel far away to a factory each day.

The Zoe Project partnered with the lovely people at Just Trade back in 2006 and each new collection is designed collaboratively, giving new life to traditional craft skills and materials. 

The women and man are paid to train others with the jewellery-making skills they have learnt from Just Trade, so The Zoe Project is enabling more and more of Lima's poorest communities to have the opportunity of fairly paid employment. 

The Zoe Project Nieves

Nieves - 'The money I have earnt has paid for all my studies, my dream is to be a primary school teacher, but I still want to come back and make jewellery in the school holidays!'   

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