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Tropical Home Decor

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Tropical Home Decor Interior Inspiraton

If you've been bitten by the travel bug and constantly daydream about your next far-flung adventure, then apply your travel cravings to your interiors so that you can fly around the world without even leaving your sofa. 

Turn up the heat in your home with an injection of clashing colours in tropical tones, or use a pastel palette to create your own personal paradise. Mix this with leafy prints, rattan furniture and kitsch interior accessories, and you can satisfy your wanderlust spirit - no passport required.

As its name suggests, the origins of the tropical interior trend lie in the regions between the Tropic of Cancer in the North and the Tropic of Capricorn in the South. The inspiration comes from the very varied regions and diverse cultures associated with them, so like all the best trends out there, it has an incarnation to suit all styles. 


Tropical Home Decor Interior Inspiraton

From the brilliant blues of the ocean, to the lush greens of the rainforests, the tropics are renowned for their rich, vibrant colours that will bring instant sunshine into your home.

Be brave and choose the boldest carnival of colours you dare. The citrus bright hues of yellow and orange go perfectly with hot pinks, berry reds, fresh greens and inky turquoises, and when pattern and plants are introduced, it creates a fantastic feast for the eyes. 


Tropical Home Decor Trend Interior Inspiration

Plants are the central element to this trend. Nothing better evokes the tropical tendency than the magnificent and varied vegetation associated with it. 

Add sizeable potted plants to create your own tropical jungle. Not only do these beautiful botanicals add the finishing touch to your tropical scheme, they are known to reduce stress and lower certain pollutants – perfect for creating the calming tropical environment you want to achieve.


Tropical Home Decor from Amara

Complement the vibrant colours and brave patterns of your tropical scheme with furniture and accessories made from sustainable natural materials. Wicker, bamboo, rattan and teak bring laid-back vibes to your home and are simple enough to offset the striking designs and colours of your chosen tropical furnishings.

Tropical Trend Mint Woven Basket

Easy ways to incorporate natural materials in a room are bamboo placemats, rattan lampshades and this year’s must-have accessory - raffia woven baskets.


Tropical Home Decor Luxe Interior Design Living ETC

To achieve the tropical trend without serious long-term commitment, look to cushions, rugs and throws featuring palm prints and exotic florals, and layer them up with abandon against walls of dusky pink or honey yellow. These pops of bold colour against a more neutral background will give a subtle nod to the trend without seeming overwhelming.

Bright patterns across tableware have the ability to transform a simple wooden dining table, and when fresh fruit centrepieces, brilliant blooms and coloured glassware are introduced it will take you straight back to al fresco meals in exotic destinations.

Coconut Palm Pickers Double Quilt from Safomasi

In the bedroom, a tropical-patterned quilt or cushion breathes new life into an existing scheme whilst a feature wall of tropical wallpaper can uplift a bathroom in an instant. 


Tropical Wallpaper in Interior Inspiration Blog post

By using tropical prints but in pretty pastel hues you can create a calmer scheme that still evokes waves of wanderlust. The dream is this heavenly de Gournay wallpaper with a stylish chaise lounge in front of it, but don't worry if that's out of budget, shop around for interior accessories that bring a subtle taste of the tropical into your home such as gold parrot lamps, botanical prints and woven rugs against a pretty pastel hued wall.


Tropical Interior Trend Home Decor Blog

The tropical style works brilliantly in airy rooms that overlook outdoor spaces as it has a natural energy about it that blurs the lines between inside and outdoors. If you're lucky enough to have a conservatory full of light, this trend is perfect for you.

Add a few playful interior accessories like hammocks, faux flower garlands and animal print soft furnishings and you'll bring all the best island feels to your home.

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