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The Flowering Desert Project

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Flowering Desert Project

Flowering Desert is a project based in a rural community in Tamil Nadu, South India that employs and empowers local women.  

Originally focused on textiles, the unreliable electricity supply meant that the project needed to find ideas for products that could be made even when the electricity was down. 

The team at Just Trade partnered with Flowering Desert back in 2010 and taught the 8 women who were then employed by the project some basic jewellery-making skills. 

Five years on the project now employs 28 women who are skilled at beading and hammering techniques and create some of the best-selling necklaces and earrings on the Postcards Home site. 

The training and fairly paid employment the Flowering Desert project offers these women often brings them a status in society for the first time and allows them to improve the quality of life for themselves and future generations. The ladies work in a safe and supportive environment and some are also given a lift to work from the remotest villages, giving opportunity to the people who need it the most. 

The Flowering Desert Project making jewellery for Postcards Home


Flowering Desert Project - Geetha Interview

 Geetha - 'Using the money I earn from the project I am able to support my two children. I also get the opportunity to design jewellery that is sold all around the world!'




Flowering Desert Jewellery - Suguna InterviewSuguna - 'At the Flowering Desert project I have learnt new skills, which have benefitted my future. I really enjoy making the jewellery and working with all my friends.'



























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