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2020 Home and Lifestyle Trends According to Pinterest

Although we're more fans of dancing to the beat of our own drum than being slaves to the latest trends, we do enjoy a quick data dive every December when predictions of what the next year might hold start popping up. We get all sorts of inspiration from looking at what new and exciting activities, aesthetics and actions are on the up - it tells us so much about the world we live in, and helps shape our curated collection.

Then we like to sit back in the New Year and see which of the predicted trends are cementing themselves in our Instagram feeds, holidays, interiors, wardrobes and weekends, and this year, it looks like we're off to a great start, with some really positive and impactful trends taking hold. 

We had a look at the 100 Pinterest Trends for 2020 to see what The People were pinning, and these were the 10 categories to take note of:

1. Re-Wilding

Living Wall Trend in Home Decor

2020 is all about embracing The Great Outdoors. In response to this time of digital fatigue and sitting culture, people are going back to basics, switching off, and putting on their outdoor gear. Venturing outside has been proven to lower stress and increase energy. Wild camping, endurance activities, survival skill courses and outdoor pursuits like fishing and rock climbing are gaining traction. 

Reflected inside the home, as searches for 'Outside Inside' go up, we're due to see a lot more greenery covering our interiors, especially in the form of living walls. The trend for lush and leafy living walls, loved by green-fingered urbanites continues to grow.

2. 90s Re-Run

90s Influencing Home Decor and Fashion in 2020

There are 90s references at play this year all the way from the catwalks to retro devices for the home. For many, it takes them back to a less complicated era with nostalgia, and for Gen Z, they are experiencing it all for the first time and putting their own twist on the 90s trends, Bucket Hats and all.

So grab your Walkman, pull your hair back into a scrunchie, and settle in to your blow up chair, the 90s trend is here to stay.

3. Space Everything

Murals Wallpaper - Cosmic Interior Trend

Half a century after the first moon walk, space tourism is on the rise and our interest in all things cosmic is lifting off. Charting astrology, especially moon cycles, is gaining in popularity, as looking to the heavens becomes a signal of our Self Care.

In fact, constellation graphics are all over the design world and catwalks, and we think it's a heavenly trend. Search the skies for inspiration – think sophisticated astronomy, zodiac patterns, and cosmic tile work.

If you don't have the budget for lift-off yet but you want to bring the heavens into your home, why not try a galaxy mural on one wall?

4. Internationally Inspired 

Soho House Mumbai - Globally Inspired Interior

The world feels smaller than ever with technology helping people to spread cultural influences and traditions every which way. Today’s travellers are looking for more authentic adventures when they are abroad, like cooking and craft, that they then try to recreate when they return home.

As we all travel more and are exposed to more design influences and ideas abroad, it’s only natural that those influences are reflected in our interiors. 

Expect to see Moroccan bathrooms, Japanese bath tubs and Indian inspired living rooms all over town.

5. Responsible Travel

Travel in 2020 - What are the new travel trends from Pinterest

People are looking to lessen their impact with travel, whilst still getting out and about for cultural exploration. For some this means having less of a negative impact on the environment, so staycations are on the up, and more eco-conscious means of getting around are being adopted.

And for others, it means limiting cultural impact, so they are avoiding the over-crowded hotspots and heading to destinations with a smaller tourist scene and viewing the culture responsibly.  

6. Home Hub

Home Tech Trend for 2020

Our homes offer so much more to us now than simply somewhere to eat and sleep. They are now our offices, gyms, wellness centres and cinemas. This means big growth for industries like home technology and delivery services, and some ingenious inventions afoot making our home lives slicker and packed with entertainment. 

So join a conference call from your kitchen, do a workout in your lounge and host a film night in your garden. Your home is now your hub.

7. Finding Balance

Pinterest 100 Trends for 2020 - Journalling gaining popularity

Not a balance ball in sight, this trend is all about making small changes to the way we live our lives to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve our overall outlook and experience of the world. We absolutely love this easily executed but massively impactful trend in the Postcards Home office, and are kicking 2020 off by trying to adopt small changes that could make a big difference to our days.

People are developing personal wellness routines that fit in to their everyday life - with a rise in activities such as journalling, art therapy, Feng Shui and healthy cooking.

8. Conscious Consumption

 Vintage Clothes Trend from 2020 Pinterest Trend Report

A push for more eco-friendly habits is changing how we live our lives, from smaller everyday choices to be more sustainable and ethical in our purchases and pursuits, to trying to make the big moments in our lives like weddings and new babies as eco-conscious as possible. People are re-evaluating their impact and for many that means only buying sustainable products and keeping an eye on waste. This has led to a rise in vintage fashion and second hand furniture for the home.

Individual actions can add up to a massive impact and help tilt the world toward a more sustainable future, so we're particularly excited by this trend and how we can contribute to it.

9. Beyond Binary

House of Ollichon

As the concept of gender becomes more fluid, more and more products and services are moving beyond traditional gender labels and structured options to offer all consumers a more inclusive offering. 

Gender neutral names, nurseries and baby clothes are becoming increasingly popular, and androgynous wedding outfits are all the rage. We're hoping this is the dawn of a new age that offers people the choice to be who they want to be. 

10. Pampered Pets

Pampering Pets Trend for 2020

Our pets are becoming part of our family and we're pampering our furry friends with food, fashion and fun activities. Human-like habits for pets are now big business with pet holiday resorts, cakes and birthday parties are on the rise with bulging price tags.

In the UK, more than 50% of pet parents aged 19-38 said they'd prefer to cut expenses for themselves rather than cutting back for their pets, which goes someway to explain why searches for outdoor cat playgrounds went up by 512%. What a time to be a fur baby!

To compile the Pinterest 100, Pinterest compared global search volumes from August 2017-July 2018 to August 2018-July 2019 to identify 100 insights with significant search volumes and consistent growth.

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