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10 Ways to Support Small Businesses During Lockdown

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How To Support Small Businesses During Covid 19

In these strange and uncertain times, there is one thing that we can be sure of, pulling together as a community and supporting each other in every way that we possibly can is the surest way to get through.

The power of our individual purchases has never been stronger - whether it's where we get our food from, which subscriptions we maintain or which online shops we choose to buy gifts from for our pals celebrating milestones alone in isolation. 

We've brought together a little list of ways that we intend to support small businesses in our local area and beyond, that we know will make a huge difference to them, and to be honest, we'll enjoy doing it.

Have a read and see if you might want to try a few:

1. Buy Something

We all still need to eat and shower (yes, even if you’re working from home). So, why not look up cafes and restaurants in your area who are delivering food, and treat yourself to a meal or sweet treat from them one evening. 

You could also top up your groceries from independents in your local area and nearby farms and wholesalers and see if you can get your hands on some sensational fresh produce delivered straight to your door that supports small business and frees up delivery slots with the giants for those vulnerable and unable to manage multiple smaller shops.

2. Buy A Gift Card

We’ll get through this. And once the lockdowns have been lifted, you’ll be back to your usual routine, visiting your favourite coffee shop or pub, buying candles at a craft market and taking a yoga class. Help your usual haunts make it through by paying for products and services in advance as a pledge of support and loyalty. 

Check their websites or call them to see if they offer gift cards or pre-paid packages, and invest in your future with them.

3. Write a Review

Have you ordered from a small business recently and loved your purchase? Take a moment to tell the world via their website, Google Business listing or Facebook Page so that other people can have the same joyful experience. It will help boost them in the search engines and in company morale, and it will take a moment of your time and no money whatsoever.

4. Sign Up to A Newsletter

This means that if the small business in question is having to take a moment to pivot their business and develop a new offering, you'll be the first person to hear about the exciting changes they introduce and be able to support them. It will also keep them front of mind when you next need to place an order that they could fulfil.

5. Recommend Your Favourite Small Business to A Friend

If you're running out of news on those daily Zoom chats, then why not recommend one of your favourite small businesses to your girl gang or family? That way you can help spread the word about their brilliant curated collection or exceptional customer service that your crew will want to support next time they are purchasing. 

6. Like, Comment and Follow Small Businesses on Social Media

Not only will this mean that you can keep up-to-date with new products and offers, but the Small Business in question will feel your support with every like, small comment or share - it will make their day, and they might feel a little less like they are talking into a Covid cave.

7. Make What You Need To Buy Do Good

Everyone needs loo roll. But instead of stockpiling it and using up supplies that could have been purchased by someone vulnerable, could you support a sustainable loo roll brand like Who Gives A Crap?

Similarly, now's the time to buy any gifts you were thinking of purchasing from social enterprises and charities supporting those most in need.

8. Keep Moving

Check in with your local gym, yoga teacher or community centre - are they doing online classes you could join? We speak from experience when we say these are so much fun and really get the blood pumping - well worth the money, and you can stay home and safe whilst keeping healthy.

9. Make the Switch to Sustainable

With widely shared reports of empty shelves and no online delivery slots - now is the perfect time to replace disposable products with their reusable counterparts. Swap face wipes for cotton pads, disposable nappies for washable ones (or maybe a mix of both) and liquid soap dispensers for blocks of soap. 

We love the conscious collection from & Keep - invest now and you'll save money, time and the environment in the long run.

10. Curate Your Home Office

Working from home? Same. For many people, that means sharing living space and working space for the first time, so a few clever purchases will be necessary to create a home office that allows you to focus and sit comfortably. Why not buy these essential bits from independents in your area and put your home set up in the hands of people who have probably been at it for years.

We'd love to hear about how you've been supporting your favourite small businesses, or if you want to share one with us that we might not have heard of, drop us a line so we can spread the word!

On a personal note, thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to support us, whether that's by placing an order, writing a review or dropping us a line to say hang on in there - it means the world. 

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