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Top 10 Home Decor Trends for 2018

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Pinterest 100 Home Decor Trends 2018

Pinterest has spoken and 2018 is looking good!

Using global data of the most searched for and pinned images of 2017, the image sharing platform has cast its vote on what will be the most popular global mainstream trends for the year to come, from fashion to travel, home decor to food, and lots more in-between. You can read the full annual report .

We had a look at the top 10 home trends for 2018, according to the Pinterest report:

Pinterest Home Decor Trends for 2018

Spa-Style Bathrooms: +269%

Why wait to go on holiday or for a Spa Day to enjoy the lap of luxury? This year, we're expecting people to make little switch-ups in their bathrooms to create hotel-worthy sanctuaries that allow them to escape from a busy week.

Natural materials like rattan and woven palm, resort-style accents like a tropical plant beside the sink, and lots of glowing candles and fluffy towels will help with the holiday haven vibes. This is a trend we could sink right into. 

Spa-inspired bathrooms with a holiday hotel feel

Mixed Metallics: +423%

Copper has been taking centre stage for a while now, but in the wake of the New Year we're seeing the full spectrum of metals start to shine. Put rose gold with copper, brass with tin, and mix different metallic styles and finishes to make sparks fly.

Metals work well with any colour palette to bring added depth and warmth. The more mixed metallics you put together, the better to nail this maximalist style.

Mixed Metallics - Home Decor Trend for 2018

Terrazzo: +316%

Terrazzo is that speckled, multi-coloured, 70s flooring that everyone hated and thought was dated until the last few years.

Its reintroduction has been silent and steady, and we're starting to see it all over home accessories, work-surfaces, floors and ceilings and in the portfolios of the coolest new designers. So, forget everything you previously thought and get ready to be re-introduced. 

terrazzo trend for home decor 2018

The Fifth Wall: +310%

2018 is a year to look up! Our ceilings are finally getting the attention they deserve and becoming a canvas to completely transform a room from the top down. Explore bright paint, textured materials and patterned wallpaper - who knew there was a fifth wall we could play with?

Statement Ceiling - Paint and Wallpaper used on ceiling - 2018 Home Trend

Bone Inlay: +207%

If you're looking for bone deep beauty, this is the trend for you. Bone inlaid tiles can look everything from Boho to dramatic to geometric depending on the setting. It's a trend that spans Maximalist and Minimalist with its adaptability, shop accessories like mirrors, trays, frames and lamps to see how it would look in your home.

Bone Inlay in Home Accessories - Photo Frames from Postcards Home

Wood: +131%

Interiors are looking outside for more natural materials to work with as a way to balance the growth of technology in our homes this year. Wooden accents are officially IN - think lamps, bedside tables and drawers in the kitchen and bedroom.

Or if you're ready to really commit to the trend, wooden herringbone floors are also all the rage in a variety of colours and styles.

Using wooden flooring and wooden accents in home decor

Colourful Doors: +121%

A colourful door is your ticket to Instagram fame. Mats, knockers and knobs are getting seriously quirky - why not stand out from the crowd and make a stir on your street?

A colourfully painted front door, or friendly message on a mat, is the new way to welcome guests and make an entrance in 2018.

Colourful Front Doors - 2018 Home Decor Trend

Patterned Plants: +533%

Houseplants, like the trendy Prayer Plant, take us beyond greenery with their vibrant, patterned foliage to bring a natural design element into the home and add a flash of colour and print. 

Plenty of faux versions are available to get the same urban jungle impact. 

Patterned plants for home decor

Statement Wall Art: +637%

Don't leave your walls blank in 2018, but cover them with things you love, whether a large poster, photography print or piece of original artwork. 

Huge pieces of art, busy gallery walls and even full-wall murals are becoming very popular. The bigger and more imposing, the better.

Statement WAll Art - Interior Trend 2018

Sage Advice: +170%

If you want to keep things nice and neutral in the home, then sage is your soft fall back this New Year. It works well layered up with neutral textiles in cream and brown for a wonderfully washed-out feel.

Sage Wall Paint Colour and WallPaper

So there we have it! The home decor predications from Pinterest for 2018, but we'll have to let the year unfold to see if we all love them as much as Pinterest predicts.  


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