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Let's Hear It For All The Mighty Mamas

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Hello! If the theme of Motherhood is triggering to you for whatever reason, we'd recommend you skip to another of our blog posts - take your pick from our archives here. 


Regatta Tableware Breakfast in Bed

Mother's Day is just around the corner (Sunday 31st March, pop it in your diary now), and we're taking a moment to sit back and bask in the glory of those mighty Mamas who cross our paths daily. Being a Mum seems to be a job that requires endless amounts of energy, patience and various wipes, so we want to offer up a few ways to treat the Mother in your life like the leading lady that she is, and show her how much all her efforts mean to you.

For the New Mums

Mum's Back luxury gift boxes for new mums

From what we've heard, being a new Mother is tough to the extreme and a job that absolutely cannot be done when you're running on empty. We're loving the concept behind indie business Mums Back - they send out gift boxes for New Mums, full of all the yummy things they've not been allowed whilst pregnant. Pâté, cheese and booze are the orders of the day, best served on the sofa in front of some binge-worthy TV of their choosing.

And if it's Mum's first Mother's Day, you really can't go to town enough with gifts, flowers and tasty treats that celebrate how much she is bossing her new role. Maybe ask her in advance if taking the Baby on a long walk so she can have a candlelit bath would make her happy, or if cooking a special lunch for her that can be enjoyed all-together as a family is what she's craving. Every Mum is different but the outcome of feeling valued and celebrated is universally a winner.

For the Mum on Your Parenting Team

Postcards Home Breakfast in Bed for Mother's Day

I think we all know that the greatest gift you can give your parenting side-kick is a long and uninterrupted lie in. Absolute bliss.

Preferably in clean sheets that you've changed for her the night before, and with a bountiful breakfast in bed served late morning (or mid afternoon depending on her dedication to the snooze), with a fresh bunch of Spring flowers and the Sunday papers to cap it off. 

Get crafty in advance and make a card with your offspring that really nails the 'Aw' factor. We're thinking hand or foot prints, messages that are practically illegible but strike right to the heart, or a photo collage of happy memories of you all together. At worst this needs to be beautiful enough for the bedside table, at best this is getting framed and hung in your hallway to be be whipped out at weddings somewhere down the line.

For your own Mum

The Ivy Brasserie in the Lanes - Postcards Home Mother's Day Gift Guide

As you grow older, and your life gets busier and busier, the gift of quality time bestowed on your Mother is the best of all. Book a luxe brunch, or a pub lunch that goes on for hours. Heck, why not take some old photos and have a walk down memory lane together reminiscing about your favourite holidays and outings. 

Oh, and if you want to surprise her with a little treat - take a peek at our Mother's Day Gift List where we've brought together a collection of handmade jewellery, homeware and woven baskets that we think might be right up her street. Shower her with kisses and a gift or two, she's worth it.

So there we have it, Happy Mother's Day one and all!

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