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Soften the Blow of the Move Indoors

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It's that time of year again when we scurry home to the sanctuary of our sofas every night and take cover, and this great move indoors means interiors need to be layered up to a serious level of cosiness. 

The nights are growing longer, and cold grey days are becoming more of a regular occurrence, so it’s all too easy for our spirits to take a dip. While we can’t bring back the serotonin-boosting sunshine, we can start to surround ourselves with mood-lifting colours and materials that will help to keep dark days at bay.  

Cocoon yourself with cushions, throws, quilts, bedding and rugs in as many textures as possible to keep things warm and inviting. A little luxury goes a long way, so introduce a few new elements to your home this season to keep your spirits high whilst the temperatures get low.

Get Clever with Colour

Autumn Colours in the Home to Bring Added Sunshine

There's more than one way to get some Winter Sun. Our Autumn aesthetic is filled with wanderlust prints in hot hues to remind us of sunnier times and generate warmth. Hot Pink and Egg Yolk Yellow are great examples of colours that maintain the feel-good factor of the Summertime, whilst working really well against more neutral tones of Autumn such as greys and creams. 

Bring the Outside In

Bring the Outside In

We need to bring the outdoors in during the months when it is too cold to spend much time outside to maintain a balance with the natural world. Materials such as wicker and wood are great to bring natural elements from outside into your home. Fill one of our Market Baskets with berried twigs and you'll feel the positive effects of the outside world. 

Add Flair Underfoot

Rugs to keep your interior cosy in Autumn

Layer your home from the ground up. Rugs and dhurries are a great way to add a sense of cosiness to your home, whilst practically adding a layer between you and the cold floor. They are also a great way to bring colour and print into the home and make a statement.

Generate Movement with Metallics

Metallics in the Home to add Warmth in Autumn

Using metallic homeware and mirrors around the house causes colours and shapes to reflect creating movement and generating a bit of energy in a fairly sluggish season. The rosy glow of a flickering candle can have the same effect whilst making your home smell sweet. 

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