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Gifts for New Parents

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Gifts for a New Mum

How do you wrap an hour of sleep? 

We don't know. But to keep the gifts flowing until we've worked it out, we've curated a list of thoughtful presents for new Mums and Dads who deserve some TLC as they start a whole new life chapter. 

Knitted Blankets

Knitted Throws - Great Gift for a New Mum

Looking after a small baby often means long stretches at home, so help make their base as comfy and uplifting as possible with quirky and colourful knitted blankets that can be moved from room to room to add style to a sofa, or be snuggled into with a baby as they sleep.

Stylish Pyjamas

Desmond and Dempsey PyjamasLife as a new parent is completely chaotic, and most days it's tough to find time to shower, let alone change into actual clothes. Give the new Mum and Dad some lovely loungewear they can be comfy in all day and be proud to show off when the visitors come a-calling - our favourite brand is Desmond & Dempsey for their punchy tropical prints.

Baby Cushions and Quilts

Baby Quilts and Baby Pillows as New Baby Gifts

Our handmade Baby Quilts can be used as bedding or play mats for babies, and with detailed prints and patterns from all around the world, they not only inspire wanderlust from an early age, but actually add to the aesthetic of the home in a super stylish way.

Match with our handmade Baby Pillows for a cute set. Out Baby Pillows are designed to make sure little heads are comfy as they lie down, and avoid flat head syndrome. 

Home Cooked Food

Home Cooked Food

Freezer-friendly meals in disposable containers so the new parents don’t have to worry about cleaning up are life-savers in those early days. You can stock them up in style with meals from places like Cook.

Mini Magazine Subscription

Magazine Subscription for a New Mum

If you're glued to one spot for hours at a time whilst the Baby feeds then you might as well get stuck into a good magazine. Those mini magazines you can grab nowadays are ideal as they are slightly easier to hold with one hand. Opt for a subscription and it's the gift that keeps on giving. Literally.

Day of Birth Mementos 

Newspaper from the day a baby is born

There are some amazingly thoughtful keepsakes you can grab when a new baby arrives that don't cost the earth. Newspapers, music singles and film posters are a great way to mark the arrival of a new baby that Mum and Dad probably intended to get, but almost certainly didn't have time to in all the excitement.

Photo Frames

Handmade Photo Frames

Although everyone gets seriously snap happy around newborn babies, not many people remember to send those photos on to the parents, or even better - print them, pop them in a gorgeous frame and make a gift of them. 

A Reusable Water Bottle

Bobble Reusable Water Bottle

Breastfeeding makes you so thirsty and it's important for new mums to stay hydrated, so a great gift is a trendy reusable water bottle. We love these Bobble Filtered Water Bottles as they have a sports cap so you can knock them off the arm of the sofa without too much drama. 

Teething Necklaces

Minty Wendy Necklaces

Teething necklaces look awesome on a baggy jumper to make you feel stylish. The beads are sculpted so no jagged edges and they are perfect for pulling and chewing. Check out the necklaces and bracelets from Minty Wendy - they are as tasty as they are beautiful.

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