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Georgina Trestler Illustration

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Here at Postcards Home we love creative people. We work with designers and illustrators whom we believe have a fresh new way of thinking and make the world a brighter, bolder place. 

That's why we chose to work with Georgina Trestler on our new logo for Postcards Home. You know you've hit gold when the vintage Diplomat Typewriter comes out. 

Georgina's extensive career has spanned shoe design to artistic licensing to running her own contemporary illustration workshops. Have a look at her website and marvel at some of her most recent work, including breath-taking interiors illustrations for a London property company. 

What we love most about Georgina is that you never know what she will turn her pencil to next. Watch this space, she'll probably draw on it.

Georgina Trestler Illustration

Answers on a postcard from Georgina Trestler:

Tell us a little about how you got into illustration

G: Ive always drawn and had creative jobs. I finally took the plunge and went freelance about three years ago, alongside studying for an MA at Central Saint Martins.

Which bit of your job do you most enjoy?

G: Creating something beautiful that communicates in the way I want it to and working with clients to find inspiration in their briefs.

Tell us about one of your favourite illustrations from your own collection

G: Sometimes the quickest things I do are my favourite, like the small black and white written quotes. Oh and shoes, I love drawing shoes.

Georgina Trestler Illustration

What inspires your work?

Fashion, theatre, books, exhibitions, shops, people, magazines, social media, dreams, travel, the weather.

Georgina Trestler Illustration

Why do you think it is important for people to work with independent illustrators?

G: I like to think of illustration as a gift; people take away from it different things. Working with independent illustrators is great as it enables more voices to be heard within the industry, and that breadth of work inspires us all. I like the way social media and the internet have broken down barriers to entry and made illustration more accessible to creatives in general.

Tell us something nobody knows about you

G: I’m a hopeless romantic! One of my favourite things to create is illustrations for wedding stationery and on-the-day bridal party gifts.

Georgina Trestler Illustration

What's your dream travel destination and why?

G: We’re having our first baby in January so have had to start dreaming about travel destinations a bit closer to home. I love pottering around places like Camden Passage in Islington and going for a stomp in the woods near Finsbury Park. That said one of my best friends is getting married near Portofino in Spring next year so we are hoping that that will be our first post-baby travel. I love Italy, the people, the food, the architecture, nature and beaches!

Georgina Trestler Illustration

What’s next?

G: Im in the process of re-branding and illustrating a gorgeous West London ballet school… makes me want to dance!


You can swoon over more of Georgina's work here. Oh, and her  completely rocks. 

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