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Get Crafty with your Pumpkin this Halloween

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Is it just us or has Halloween got spookily stylish this year? 

No longer do you need to mop up a mess of orange guts after making your best carving knife blunt all for a wonky smile or a tree silhouette that doesn't look quite like the one you were copying from Pinterest.

This year you can make pumpkin decorating easier by painting, wrapping, bejewelling and even pinning a pumpkin or gourd into crafty perfection.

Take a look at our top picks and have a go yourself!

1. Wrap it up

Sincerely Sara D. Pumpkin Wrapping

Spray paint the stem of the pumpkin then simply glue wrapping paper around it in strips. Good practice for Christmas wrapping also - sneaky.  

Source: Sincerely Sara D. 

2. Paint and Pin

Jennifer Causey Pumpkin - Paint and Pin

Paint the pumpkin then use drawing pins to create a pattern or word. We love this green and gold combination.

Souce: Jennifer Causey

3. Use Glitter Nail Polish 

A Week from Thursday - Glitter Nail Polish Pumpkins

Buy a cheap bottle of glitter nail polish and simply paint the top of the pumpkin for dazzling effect. Opt for gourd to decorate as they are a bit smaller and you can paint the whole thing then use another colour to streak across the top. 

Source: A Week from Thursday

4. Dripping Crayons 

The Swell Designer - Crayon Dripping Pumpkin

Paint a pumpkin with your base colour then pop wax crayons on the top and use a hairdryer to melt them down the sides to create this artistic look.

Source: The Swell Designer

5. Get Floral 

Chatelaine Pumpkin Vase

Ok so we know we said no clearing up pumpkin insides, but making a pumpkin into a vase is just too gorgeous to ignore. Depending on the flowers you choose you might not even need to paint the pumpkin - just make sure you pop a little vase inside to hold the flowers and water.

Source: Chatelaine

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