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We're Nuts About Tagua

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Tagua Deep Blue Collection - Just Trade

Image Source: Postcards Home
The necklaces and earrings in our stunning Deep Blue jewellery collection designed by Just Trade are handmade in Ecuador from a magical material called Tagua (”tah-gwa”).  
If you haven't heard of Tagua before, it is the nut from a type of palm that grows in the tropical South American rainforest. Often known as 'vegetable ivory' or 'Corozo', Tagua is a sustainable and completely environmentally friendly alternative to evil animal ivory, but with many of the same material characteristics. It is less brittle than bone, and has these amazing natural whorls of colour that make it ideal for jewellery making.

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Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight With Us

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Rosine Bekoin and others from CAYAT cooperative to illustrate Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

Image Source: http://www.fairtrade.org.uk

Here at Postcards Home, we believe in fair employment and sustainable trade. It just makes sense. When people are paid a decent living wage and their services are valued, productivity goes up and communities flourish, we all win.   

We go to great lengths to ensure that the products we sell tell a soulful and sustainable story - one that focuses on people and quality, rather than profits and quantity, and one that is rooted in the places where each product is made.

Every year the fantastic folk at the Fairtrade Foundation run a two-week campaign over February and March to highlight the difference Fairtrade can make to lives and communities around the world. We're getting involved in Fairtrade Fortnight - join us!

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The 2019 Pinterest Trends We're Most Excited About

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Pinterest Trends for 2019

Image Sources: Business.Pinterest.Com

We're not really fans of following the crowd or being slaves to the latest trends, but we do get excited every December when predictions of what the next year might hold start popping up - because, more than anything, in a world with so many different personalities and points of view, it's fascinating to see what unites and excites a fair few of us. 

We like to sit back as the new year unfolds and see which of the predicted trends are cementing themselves in our Instagram feeds, home decor, wardrobes and weekends, and this year, we're loving what we're seeing.

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Take a Look at The World's First Vegan Hotel Room

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Vegan Hotel Room in The Hilton London Bankside

Image Source: The Observer Online

Remember our blog post about visiting SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World last Summer, where we learnt how to make parmesan cheese-flavoured ice cream, sniffed sorbet off wallpaper and inhaled a soft scoop? Well the brilliant and bonkers creators of that exhibition have a new plant-based project that's caught our attention. 

London studio Bompas & Parr has designed the world's first vegan hotel suite, in the Hilton London Bankside hotel, where everything from the cushions and carpets, to the paper and pens, and of course food, has been designed and sourced according to vegan standards, and approved by The Vegan Society. 

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Top Five New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

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2020 New Year Resolutions for Your Home

Image Source: Burst

Once we've boxed up the baubles and finished the festive food, our homes can seem a little lacklustre post Christmas. But instead of feeling like there is a joy-shaped hole where your Christmas Tree once stood, embrace the blank canvas that January brings and use this time to make a change or two around the home that hits refresh and welcomes in the new year.

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