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Music Festival Packing ✌

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Glastonbury Festival - Packing Tips

Festival season is finally here field-lovers!

And if you're lucky enough to be heading to a music festival this Summer, follow our top tips on how to stand out, stay comfy and pack light. 

Get ready to rock your most outrageous outfits, befriend complete strangers for the best night of your life, and dance until the sun comes up. 

Music Festival Packing Checklist

1. Camping Clobber

Unless you are a seasoned festival maverick who can rave until dawn then catch a couple of hours of Zzzs outside the dance tent before heading back in, you're going to need a tent and a sleeping bag. Remember the wettest year on record at Glastonbury? 'Nuff said. If your tent is big enough to have a porch you can sit in during the predictable rain, a camping chair is golden. 

Make your tent as comfy as you can. We know it's effort to carry a blow up mattress or yoga mat but, boy oh boy, will you be glad of it during those much-needed disco naps. And a little pillow goes a long way.

Make it easier on yourself when you're heading back to camp in the wee hours, and pack either a flag or some bunting and a head torch to help you recognise your safe haven in the sea of tents.

It's hard to keep your tent organised, especially if you are sharing it, so our top tip is to take a handy pouch to keep your glitter and jewellery in to stop it getting lost in the seams of your tent. Be super cautious and pop your spare cash and rings in the pouch and sleep with it by your feet within your sleeping bag.

 Tent - Glastonbury Packing List

Images: StoutTent, Safomasi, Niteize


2. Beauty Basics

It's a myth that it's obligatory to survive a music festival without washing. There's nothing inauthentic about packing a good amount of wet wipes, moisturiser, a tooth brush (preferably with a cap), some dry shampoo and plenty of hand sanitiser.

We are also firm believers in having the occasional quick shower - couple this with a Berocca and you'll feel right as rain in no time. Be sure to pack yourself a light Hammam Towel - they are super absorbant and weigh less than those bulky bath towels. You can also use the Hammam Towels in the day as skirts, scarves or capes.

Don't forget to pack sunglasses and suncream. If the sun does make an appearance (which is looking likely!) - there's no cover but a hot sweaty tent to dive into, and you'll want to be standing outside basking in it without turning into a lobster.

If the lack of rain means you can't do a hair wash al fresco, pop a colourful wig in your bag and conceal your locks with a fun festival look. 

Make-up wise, this is your chance to mix sustainable glitter with gems, feathers with flowers and face paint with false eye lashes. Let your creative side run riot. 

Festival Beauty Basics - Postcards Home

Images: Guardian, Postcards Home, Wandering Gypsy Fashion


3. Boho Threads

You've always wanted to dress up as a unicorn? Or, you don't get to wear your Indian headdress as much as you'd like? This is your chance. There are no rules at music festivals (ok, no heels, that's the one rule), so let your inner boho babe run riot.

First things first, do NOT forget your wellies and waterproof. Even if it's baking sunshine in the run-up to a music festival, the ground will be well and truly churned-up by 175,000 stomping over it from Friday onwards. Have a go at pimping your wellies with feathers and flowers in the run up for serious festival vibes.

You'll also need a trusty backpack big enough to carry layers of clothing, booze, snacks and water in the day and a handy bumbag keep your essentials close to you when your hands are in the air of an evening.  

Top tip - pop your delicates (including a long pair of socks to avoid inevitable wellie rub) in a zip lock sandwich bag to keep them fresh and clean. And make sure you pop a spare pair of pants and socks in a separate sandwich bag to travel home in. 

A thick scarf is your new best friend. You can use your scarf to make a headdress, a skirt, a cape or if the ground is dry you can sit on it for a much-needed recharge. 

Don't take your most precious jewellery - this is the time for arm bangles and boho bracelets to layer up with your festival wristband for the ultimate look when your hands are in the air. Our Lala Bracelets are perfect for this. 

Festival Clothing - Postcards Home

Images: The Peach Skin, Postcards Home, The Emasphere


4. Festival Wellbeing

Running between tents to catch your favourite artists and living on diet of burgers and booze will take its toll on your temple.

The rules are as follows:

- Stay hydrated. And we mean good clean water and lots of it. Take a reusable water bottle with you and top it up every time you go past a water station.

- Vary your meals with the good stuff. The dreamy food options at music festivals are endless. Make sure you don't miss the amazing vegan food i and the fresh fruit stands just to top up your vitamins and minerals to keep you raving hard. Little packets of dried fruit and nuts are heaven sent when you need something to nibble on that's not full of sugar but high in protein to keep you partying. 

- Let's face it, romping around muddy fields for 5 days with some seriously questionable loos and fast food is bound to upset your bodies natural balance. We swear by probiotics to support your bodies resistance to infection. The probiotic you want to check out is Saccharomyces boulardii - it manages to stop an upset tum quickly, but without blocking you up. Amen to that.

- Be sure to pack a good supply of painkillers and supplements to get you back on track if the partying gets too much. You can keep these safe in your handy pouch

Postcards Home - Style

Images: Postcards Home, OptiBac, Confetti Crowd


5. Everyday Essentials

  • Cash - Locate your nearest safety deposit and keep the bulk there
  • I.D - in case you're that lucky, sigh
  • Phone Charging Device - the Anker ones are the best in our opinion
  • OR opt for an old phone you don't mind losing 
  • Loo roll 

Here's to good vibes, great music and countless questionable decisions. 

Guardian Festival Image
Image: Guardian


Disclosure: Any brands or products mentioned in this post are not sponsored but are our own personal recommendations. 

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