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Moroccan Raffia Plate - Neon Bazaar

  • £3500

Get your shades ready! This bold and bright vintage raffia plate with a punchy neon pattern has been handwoven by Berber tribes in Morocco from natural raffia stalks wound with dyed wool. 

Bring the noise and excitement of the Moroccan Bazaars to your coffee table and pile the plate high with magazines or, our personal favourite, a bundle of pom poms. These handmade plates also look great as quirky wall hangings to brighten up a dim corner.

Due to the artisanal nature of the piece, it is completely unique and shows all the wonderful traces of the traditional weaving process - colours and patterns may vary and some threads might be wonderfully wonky. We love that. 

Size: 36 cm diameter 

Material: Handwoven raffia stalks & bright dyed wool thread  

Care instructions: Dab clean only    

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