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Using Baskets for Stylish Storage

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Baskets are the must-have Summer accessory, but when the sunshine ends there are so many uses to keep your woven friend busy until the good weather returns. Using baskets as home storage is both practical and pretty.

Using Baskets as Storage

Here are our top 10 ways to use a woven storage basket:

1. The Bathroom

Our Mini Pom Pom Baskets are perfect to add a pop of colour to your bathroom decor, whilst housing the loo rolls so they are always handy. You can hang one on the door of your guest bathroom with clean towels in it, so that you are always ready for an unexpected sleepover. You could even line 3 mini baskets up on a bathroom shelf and hide away all the beauty products you use less often. 

2. The Hallway

Why not hang a woven basket on a hook by the front door of your house full of umbrellas and tote bags so that you can grab them easily as you make a speedy exit? You could even give a individual basket to each family member to use as their own.

3. Wardrobe Tidier

Pop a basket at the bottom of your wardrobe for belts, scarves and bags that you want to have at hand to complete an outfit without having to rummage for hours. 

4. Bedroom

Use one of our big Market Baskets for your dirty washing and you'll never have to gather laundry from the floor again. Or maybe even a Pom Pom Basket to bring a welcome pop of colour to laundry day. 

5. Home Office

A Mini Pom Pom Basket on the desk will up your efficiency in no time - it will keep your desk tidy and you'll always be able to find the tape measure.  

6. Hobby Housing

Do you knit? Read travel mags? Make pom poms? Then you'll know storage beside a comfy sofa or work table is essential. You'll feel inspired to crack out the knitting needles more if they are close at hand. 

7. Kitchen

Traditionally, woven baskets were made for storing vegetables, rice and lentils. They look brilliantly boho in the kitchen piled high with potatoes, onions, garlic, lemons and oranges.

8. Living Room

As the cooler weather comes, there is nothing cosier than snuggling up on the sofa or in an armchair with a blanket and good book. Keep your throws, blankets and quilts at hand with a woven basket down the side of the sofa. Or use a big Market Basket to store logs by the fire. When Winter comes we love to pile our baskets full of logs and greenery like holly and fur cones to create a gloriously seasonal look.

9. Playroom

Sick of treading on toys that have been discarded on the playroom floor? Hang a basket on the door and make tidying up a little easier for the busy players. 

10. Garden Shed

Keep things natural and neutral in your garden shed with a woven basket full of your mats, trowels and gloves. 

Image sources: the lovely Angloyankophile and brilliant Bohemia 

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