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Take a Look at The World's First Vegan Hotel Room

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Vegan Hotel Room in The Hilton London Bankside

Remember our blog post about visiting SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World last Summer, where we learnt how to make parmesan cheese-flavoured ice cream, sniffed sorbet off wallpaper and inhaled a soft scoop? Well the brilliant and bonkers creators of that exhibition have a new plant-based project that's caught our attention. 

London studio Bompas & Parr has designed the world's first vegan hotel suite, in the Hilton London Bankside hotel, where everything from the cushions and carpets, to the paper and pens, and of course food, has been designed and sourced according to vegan standards, and approved by The Vegan Society. 

We might not actually be Vegan ourselves (although a lot of glowing people in our office are), but one thing we do absolutely value is sustainable design and the current movement to be more conscious about the materials we surround ourselves with. Plant-based interior decor made mostly from pineapples you say? We're in. 

Vegan Hotel Room Interior Design at The Hilton Bankside in London

Vegans and eco-conscious travellers might naturally be thrilled, but we think the hotel room also has a lot to offer interior lovers looking to experience what plant-based materials used for interior furnishings really look and feel like. 

Instead of leather hide, the headboard, armchairs, pouffes and even the room keycard are made with an innovative material called Piñatex. Piñatex is a fruit leather made from cellulose fibres extracted from pineapple leaves. The Piñatex headboard has been embroidered by local artist Emily Potter, whose work we're pretty obsessed with. Take a scroll through her Instagram gallery here.

If you look back at the first image, you can see that the room has been decorated with beautiful botanical prints of pineapples and palms, echoing the materials being used.

In lieu of feathers, guests can choose to lay their sleepy heads on pillows that have been filled with a choice of organic buckwheat, millet hulls or kapok. Or they can even opt for an orthopaedic memory foam pillow made from shredded bamboo fibre, which sounds pretty comfy to us. 

The floors are made of sustainable bamboo and the carpets of organic cotton in place of wool. 

Plant-based bathroom interior design at London Bankside

Naturally, toiletries and housekeeping cleaning products are eco-friendly and entirely free from animal products and testing. 

Minibar snacks include energy balls, fruit, nuts and protein powder, while the room-service menu features meat-free options such as scrambled Quorn and cauliflower steak. No mention of booze though so we're hoping there are some nice bio-dynamic wines in there too. 

Even the stationery is all vegan-friendly, with no animal traces in the paper or ink.

What we find most exciting about this suite is that it showcases some of the leaps designers are currently making in plant-based design and overall sustainable plastic-free design. It's great to see the interior industry challenging the norm with their approach to home decor products that are not only made in a more sustainable way, but look luxe too. 

You can hold the cauliflower steak, but lounging in a plant-based pad that looks a plush as this, yes please.

Image Source: The Observer Online

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