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Subject Matter – Making Art-Buying Easy

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Harvest, by Jenny Woods - Subject Matter

Harvest, by Jenny Woods

Visiting contemporary art galleries is one of our favourite weekend pastimes. But it was only recently that we realised that art isn’t just something we have to peer at from a safe distance in hushed tones. Art is for everybody – it has to be, otherwise it becomes exclusive and intimidating, and the art industry is shackled.  

Bringing art into the home feels like a big deal. But art can totally transform your interior and bring focus to a room in a truly personal way. Imagine turning your walls into your own little art gallery; you can get as close to the artwork as you like, you know about the artist because you’ve spoken over Skype, and you feel a real, personal connection with the pieces on display.

We’ve recently fallen in love with creative platform Subject Matter that is breaking down the boundaries between art and its audience in a completely new way, and giving art a place in the real world, in your world. 

Subject Matter is a virtual gallery curating the work of artists and photographers to connect them with people just like us. It was started by two fellow female entrepreneurs; Co-Founder and Director Liezel Strauss and Artist Director Kitty Dinshaw, and their energy and passion for breathing new life into the global art scene is contagious.

Subject Matter Team - Postcards Home Feature

From right to left: Subject Matter Founder, Liezel Strauss and Artist Director, Kitty Dinshaw

The wider Subject Matter team are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and are always on hand to talk you through their incredible collection. You can Skype with an art consultant, or even the Artist themselves, to understand the motivations of the piece and how best to display it. The process is so personal and makes the much-needed connection between the buyer and the maker which is so true to our Postcards Home philosophy.  

Subject Matter even offers free returns so that you can see the artwork you fall in love with in situ and make sure it’s perfect for the space, and they offer a variety of framing solutions, so that from the moment your artwork arrives, it fits effortlessly into your home. If you’re looking for interior inspiration, look no further.

West Village no.2, by Max Wanger - Subject Matter

West Village no.2, by Max Wanger

We need more art collectors in this world to sustain the industry. The more artwork that is purchased, the more demand there is, and the more the industry thrives and attracts new talent, sustaining itself for the future. Artists should be able to make a living from their craft – and that’s something that Subject Matter upholds by paying the artist 50% of all profits.

If you’d like to get to know more about art collecting and making the art industry more inclusive, then don’t miss Subject Matter’s February Talks in collaboration with the Royal College of Art.

(All photography is from Subject Matter. This is a collaborative post with Subject Matter but all opinions and heart-felt endorsements are entirely my own)

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