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Our Creative Crush on Lakwena Maciver

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Having recently seen the latest Lakwena Maciver installation at The Southbank Centre as part of Africa Utopia we've developed a pretty strong creative crush and have been pouring over her work ever since. 

If you're not familiar with Lakwena's work - she is a London-based artist who makes large-scale kaleidoscopic street art, paintings and installations that draw inspiration from the designs and communications that surround us everyday, and her African heritage. 

From street art to advertising, Lakwena takes the visual influences within our urban environment, reinterprets them and throws them back at us with gusto. 

Her work challenges themes of adornment, gender, religion and home using colour, pattern and texture. 

She's also really invested in making her art topical and relevant, so don't expect an easy creative ride. 

Take a look at her colourful catalogue of achievements here.

Image 1: The Power of Girl, Street Mural, Shoreditch 2014. Source: lakwena.com
Image 2: Ever After, Street Mural, Las Vegas, 2014. Source: lakwena.com

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