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Foraged Foliage and Festive Feels

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You don't need a tree to set the seasonal scene in your home this Christmas, we're planning to get creative with branches and ferns for an alternative look that brings all the traditional festive feels, with a bit of a wild Winter Wonderland twist. 

You can bulk out your baubles with branches from the great outdoors that can be hung above a table, laid across the mantlepiece or displayed in a vase. It works especially well if you're short on floor space and don't want to spend December edging around bauble-laden branches. 

Or if you've got to have a tree or it ain't Christmas, then try stuffing the offcuts at the back of shelves as an easy way to add a festive decorative touch. 

Hang a Decorated Branch Above the Dinner Table

Christmas Branch in the Home

If you find a sizeable branch you can drag home and hang above the dinner table, it not only looks incredible, but you don't have to worry about moving lots of Christmas decorations off the table to make room for the many dishes of Christmas food. In our opinion the lower the better for dramatic effect. 

You can decorate the branch with fairy lights, baubles and metallic details like feathers and bows to make it feel magical. 

Hang Lanterns and Bud Flower Vases 

Hanging Christmas Lanterns and Baubles from Branches

Branches make the perfect base to hang little lanterns for tea lights, or little bud vases filled with festive flowers or tiny Winter berries from. Bold flowers like hellebores look very chic and you can even pop in some twigs you've spray painted in gold or silver.

Alternatively, attach brown envelopes with string or tape to make your own organic advent calendar, or make your own Christmas card holder using pegs and string. 

Create a Festive Flower Display

Ferns and Foliage in Vases

If you have to cut down your Christmas Tree to get it in the house and you have some branches going spare, pop them in a vase and create a Christmas display that will last throughout the season. Go mad and throw all the colours at it, or keep it classy with fairy lights and monochrome baubles, you decide.

Other great branches to use are eucalyptus - those branches look perfect in a silver jug to play with the dusty look of the leaves. 

Keep things seasonal but simple

Scandi Christmas Decorations using neutral colours against branches

Using foliage around the home at Christmas immediately creates a natural, Nordic feel. You can really commit to this by keeping things simple - think white wooden stars, dried fruits like oranges and red berries and evergreen leaves. 

Have fun go mad

Coloured festive baubles on white branches - Christmas decorations

Spray painted branches covered with brightly coloured baubles hanging randomly around the home bring all the festive fun.

You can let your imagination run riot and weave whatever you like within the wood. If you want a luxe feel, throw a couple of peacock feathers in the mix, or wind some colourful fairy lights around the twigs to bring added sparkle. 

We like the idea of spray painting branches white then working with one colour of decoration to really contrast.

Don’t forget to follow the foragers code and gather only a little with respect to trees, plants and animals.

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