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Do as the Danes Do - Hygge it Out

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Do as the Danes do - Hygge it Out - Postcards Home

There's a new buzzword in town - Hygge. Have you heard it? It comes all the way from our Danish friends, and it's the cosiest concept around. 

Hygge is the feeling you get when you're spending time with friends and family, in a comfy place, chatting and laughing. It's the gaps in conversation while you sip your steaming mug of tea, soak up the atmosphere, and really be present in the moment. Hygge is all about enjoying life's simple pleasures. It alludes to a feeling of cosy intimacy and contentment, free from the pressures of everyday life.

Similar to the mindfulness movement, it's about taking the time to appreciate the good bits of everyday life, and establishing a real connection with the world outside of our computers and phone screens. Hygge teaches us to appreciate our state and belongings. It's all about embracing little luxuries in the everyday to foster a feeling of comfort and togetherness. All together now, ahhhh.

How to Hygge it Out in the Home:

1. Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends

Make your home a welcoming space - a true reflection of you and somewhere you look forward to spending time alone, and with loved ones. Talking and enjoying the company of your friends and family over good, simple food and wine brings out the best in everyone and recharges our emotional batteries. Take the time to kindle those relationships and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. 

2. Open fires and flickering candles

An open flame evokes feelings of cosiness and warmth, and candles create an atmosphere of calm. Opt for natural beeswax, you don't want anything artificial interrupting your sense of time and place. 

3. Simple food

Foods such as hearty soups and roasted chickens are not complicated dishes, but boy are they comforting. Take time to cook and bake things you enjoy, and fill your home with delicious smells whilst relaxing your mind in a happy task. 

4. Decorate the inside with the outside

Think natural organic materials - wooden floors covered with woven mats, piles of logs by the fire and wicker baskets storing earthy throws. Organic influences bring a calm sensuality. Use materials in your home with a subtle tactility. 

5. Treat yourself

Hygge isn't about depriving yourself - it's about taking time to appreciate the little luxuries we can afford ourselves. Fancy a new pair of slippers to keep your toes toasty? Go for it, buy them and really enjoy wearing them around the home. 

6. Get outside

Exposure to nature is key at this chilly time of year. Get outside and enjoy the crisp Autumnal nights and blue Winter skies. You need to keep your connection to the outside strong to maintain balance in the cooler months.

7. Get Reading

Slip your toes into some toasty bed socks, cuddle up under a blanket with a mug of steaming tea, and get lost in a good old paper book. 

8. Understanding clutter

There is useful clutter - the things we are in the process of using, and passive clutter - the things we didn't bother to put away. React to this and tidy up the passive clutter. We don't want our energy being absorbed by useless items. Only surround yourself with things that add something positive to your mood. Everything should have its place and belong there.

Postcards Home - Do as the Danes Do - Hygge It Out
Image Source: Lindsay Marcella, Postcards Home, Postcards Home 

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