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Get Creative with your Travel Souvenirs

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Don't let your travel memories be confined to an envelope of ticket stubs, a shoebox of shells and a phone full of photos. Fill your home with your travels as a constant reminder of adventures passed. Just try not to glue your fingers together in the process like we did.

Here are our top tips on bringing the travel souvenirs you've collected into your home:

1. Get Crafty with Beach Finds

accooohtrements DIY travel display

If, like travel and lifestyle blogger Becky from Accoohtrements, you're a fan of wandering along the beach and popping the prettiest pebbles in your pocket, then take a peek at her easy DIY method to create a box frame of beach finds. Simple and effective, this frame is perfect for a nautical-themed bathroom or neutral living space to add a coastal touch. 

Via Accoohtrements

2. Create a Bookshelf of Travel Boxes

martha stewart travel boxes - Postcards Home bog

Create a global bookshelf with a travel box for every city you've visited and watch it grow. Simply buy a set of matching wooden boxes, paint them and stencil on the place name. Then you can fill them with maps, tickets, favourite photos, and little bits you picked up along the way. Every so often transport yourself back to your favourite places with a look inside.

Via Martha Stewart 

3. Make a Ticket Collage

Remember that home tour of travel-enthusiast and visual-curator Troy Litten's San Francisco home that we couldn't shut up about? Well, ever since we've been dying to try our hand at making our own travel ticket collage. Simply create a collage from all the stubs you've collected and then photograph and enlarge it to create a statement travel piece for your home.

Troy Litten Travel Ticket Collage

Via Design Sponge

4. Give Your Postcards Pride of Place

You might have guessed that we're a little obsessed with postcards, and what better way to show your collection off than to take inspiration from Troy Litten and create a display using a vintage postcard rack. You can even intersperse the postcards with your favourite travel photos. Spin daily for a serious wanderlust fix.

Troy Litten - Postcard Rack - Design Sponge

Via Design Sponge

5. Create a Postcards Wall

Use a hole punch to make an opening at the top of each postcard in your collection and thread a long piece of string through. Hang from a nail to create colourful rows of travel visuals - perfect for a home office to inspire creativity. Incorporate photos, tickets and leaflets to pay true homage to your travels.  

Postcard Wall - Espresso Moments - Postcards Home

Via Espresso Moments

How do you display your travel souvenirs in your home?

Share in the comments section below or tag us on Instagram with #mypostcardshome - we'd love to see you strut your creative stuff. 

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