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Christmas Gifts for Kids

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Great Gifts for Kids for Christmas

They say Christmas is really for the children, but the children can't drink mulled wine so that really doesn't make sense.  We feel sorry for those little ones, so let's keep their spirits high with gifts full to the brim with festive cheer. 

First Christmas Stocking - £25-£30

Christmas Stockings for Kids

Our fabulously festive Christmas Stockings are handmade and printed with animals from all around the World guiding festive sleighs. Encourage your children to celebrate a truly global Christmas where everyone's invited - reindeer, kangaroos and elephants all peacefully sharing the same starry sky! 

Baby Hats and Booties - £15-£18

Handmade hats and booties for babies

Keep new babies cosy with a handmade hat skilfully knitted by the marvellous women of the Mama Ursula Project in Lima, Peru and some matching baby booties. Choose from either ears or a bobble on top of the hat and twin with some super soft booties for an adorable look.

Toys - £10-£15

Handmade Toys for Christmas Gifts for Kids

From Sam the Camel to Bhali the Elephant, all our toys are handmade to ensure the friendliest faces around.  Made from pure cotton and block-printed with organic dyes, every purchase supports The Sambhali Trust and the fantastic work they do towards the empowerment of women and girls in Rajasthan. In a world of disposable toys, choose a gift that gives back and is worth treasuring. 

Comfy Pyjamas - £25

Children's Pyjamas - Great Christmas Presents

Our soft organic cotton kurta pyjamas are comfy to sleep in and perfect for romping around in the day.  Choose from four designs inspired by transport in India HONK HONK; taxis, scooters, rickshaws and buses, ideal for a lover of all things with wheels. Sizes available for 1-10 years.

Bedding - £60-£183

Bedding for a Child - Christmas Present

This really is a great Christmas gift for a mini adventurer who will fall in love with the print on these quilts and cushions and remember it even into their adulthood. Let them go to bed dreaming of safaris in Central India and maybe even catching a glimpse of the elusive tiger.

Notebooks - £5 Notebooks for Kids Christmas Gift

Inspire some creative thinking with beautiful A5 notebooks they can draw, write and doodle in. Got a flamingo fan in the family? We think we know which one they're after.

Mini Pom Pom Baskets - £20

Mini Pom Pom Baskets - Christmas Presents for Kids

Kids absolutely adore our mini pom pom baskets - they can be used as a pretend handbag, to house important bits and bobs that need to be by their side and are a useful container in the bedroom for little toys that otherwise end up on the floor. They are robust so love a bit of pom pom playtime.

Brass Necklaces - £24

Brass Creature Necklaces for Kids for Christmas

Yes, before you say it, we ARE aware that these are the cutest creature necklaces around. From penguins to polar bears, if you have a little one who is the right age to appreciate a metal necklace, these are just fab. 

Pouches - £20

Pencil Cases for Kids for Christmas

The ultimate pencil case must have either poodles or peace signs on it, fact. These handmade pouches are so cool, and are incredibly durable so will last for ages. 

If you need any help with the final selection of Christmas Gifts for Children, just let us know. Playing Santa if our favourite thing.


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