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Be More Frida Khalo

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Frida Khalo Exhibition at V&A Museum

Image: Postcards Home

The iconic Mexican artist Frida Khalo is back in the spotlight (was she ever out of it?) in the UK at the moment, with the latest exhibition at the V&A: Frida Khalo: Making Herself Up.

Locked away for 50 years after her death, the clothes and artefacts on display at the V&A have never before been exhibited outside MexicoThe exhibition gives us a glimpse of her compelling life story by displaying her most personal possessions in an eerie atmosphere of spirit and suffering.  

Frida Khalo Clothes and Make-up in V&A

Image: V&A Website

From Frida's prosthetic leg to her painted plaster corset, the pieces on show are as captivating as they are heart-breaking. The curators could have chosen to focus on the colour and carnival of her collected pieces, or the reality of her resilience from spending over a year in bed trying to recover from a fractured spine, to her turbulent marriage to Diego, and they went for the latter - so expect some pretty dark moments.

Frida Khalo Exhibition at V&A

Image: V&A Website

Let's face it, we all want to live in Frida and Diego's Casa Azul in Mexico - full of colour and character, curated by the revolutionary force herself in her completely unique style.  

Frida spent so much time in bed due to her various physical ailments that she had two beds in Casa Azul - a day bed with a mirror on the canopy to paint self-portraits from, and one in her bedroom where she would sleep at night with a framed collection of butterflies above to look at. The V&A exhibition pays homage to the long spells Frida had to remain in her bed by displaying her possessions in miniature four poster beds in a dimly lit room - everything feels trapped. 

Frida Khalo Bed in Casa Azul

Image: Pinterest

Our favourite room at Casa Azul for interior inspiration is the kitchen, with a yellow floor and furnishings, and blue and white walls. There are lots of tiny ceramic cups hanging on the walls spelling out the names of Frida and Diego above the stove, and two doves holding a ribbon appear above a window on another wall. Frida lived her art in every way, and the wood-burning stove covered in wooden spoons and traditional Mexican pots instead of more modern cooking appliances (which were available) is just what you'd imagine she would surround herself with.

Frida Khalo Kitchen

Image: Pinterest

Frida's taste for clashing colours, bold prints and vintage cultural pieces has become the blue print for no-rules styling both in home decor and fashion, and the legacy of Frida has never been more alive.

As the weather hots up in the UK, the interiors trend of the Summer that has been bubbling in the background for a while is now bubbling over – we’re seeing a flurry of head-to-toe kaleidoscopic colours and highlighter hues in all things Frida Kahlo inspired. Be part of the revolution and mix folksy prints with vibrant vintage pieces and brilliant blooms - clash, clutter and curate your personal space with whatever pieces you love.

It's time to mix a margarita, put flowers in your hair and do something daring today to make Frida proud.

Frida Khalo

Image: V&A Website

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