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#PoweredbyTweets at Somerset House

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We love social media. We're part of the camp that thinks platforms like Twitter and Instagram have brought us all closer and made us more celebratory of our environment and what other people are doing rather than the opposite. We certainly believe that when 500 million Tweets are shared around the world every day, we should look to harness that power.

So we were excited to see the winners of the #PoweredbyTweets competition at Somerset House last weekend. To enter the competition people were asked to Create Something Beautiful or Solve a Problem using Twitter.  And the winners were:

Word By Word

#PoweredbyTweets Word by Word

The immediacy of Twitter was used to launch a previously unreleased book word by word. As a Tweet appeared in real time somewhere around the world, Word by Word released the book's next word, until gradually the entire book was revealed. Things got pretty addictive and by the end of it our Twitter feed looked like it had been hijacked by an articulate 5-year old.

From: Jeremy Garner, Dom Fisher, Yvain Granier, Pierre Briffaut and Albert Seleznyov; Hive Works

Social Mindscape

Social Mindscape #PoweredbyTweets Exhibition

Such a beautiful idea - using Twitter to enable cancer patients receiving chemotherapy to collectively enjoy a relaxing and uplifting visual mindscape to help them escape for a moment, without the need for verbal communication. It felt so safe and calming looking up at those moving images. 

From: Adeola Akande and Eloise Parfitt; Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London

Word Watching

Word Watching #PoweredbyTweets Exhibition

Ok, so we love data visualisation, SO SUE US. And we had also recently learnt what Fleek means, so this use of Twitter to monitor language as it develops and create a real-time visualisation of popular words was right up my Geek Street. Bravo ♥

From: Mark Carroll and Alex Willimott

Pigeon Air Patrol

Pigeon Air Patrol #PoweredbyTweets Exhibition

Finally Pigeons are becoming useful (sorry, Pigeon lovers). A flock of pigeons, equipped with pollution monitors, Tweet in real-time and report on air quality in major cities around the world. Each pigeon would have a backpack capable of measuring carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels in the atmosphere - are we the only ones who thinks that sounds ridiculously cute?

From: Pierre Duquesnoy and Matt Daniels


Put Red Back #PoweredByTweets Exhibition

The fact that one in four Britons will rely on donated blood at some point in their lives and there is a massive shortage in the UK, but Gay men are not allowed to donate still floors us. By Tweeting #PutRedBack, a symbolic drop of 'blood' was released into a flag-shaped liquid installation, resembling the rainbow flag.

From: Vincent Versluis, Florian Hollander and Oliver Dennis; Cheil

Tweet Taps

Tweet Taps #PoweredbyTweets Exhibition

Keeping people engaged in the charity donation process is something I really think could inspire people to donate more, and more regularly. The installation from #TweetTaps used Twitter-enabled Water Aid pumps to send Tweets to donors to show them how their money was being spent. Donors would see the impact of their donation on local communities around the world, creating a stronger bond with the initial donation. Closed-loop giving, that's the future. 

From: Kate Waters, Perry Price, Pat McCaren; in partnership with WaterAid

For more info have a look at the competition website here

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